Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fructose Friendly Vodka

Although some fructmals are less sensitive, and can handle certain alcoholic beverages fairly well, for me, most things are out.

The gluten free beers (free of wheat, which is a fructan) might be good for some fructmals, but they all seem to have corn in them, which I can't tolerate. Yikes! My body hates corn.

I know that even some sensitive fructmals can hande a very dry white wine, but frankly, I'm too afraid to try. Maybe one day, I'll be braver!

A lot of liquors or spirits say "grains" on the bottle, which could mean wheat, corn, barley, rye (FRUCTANS!), who know/s?! So, I stay away from most of them.

Luckily, though, (drumroll....) I did find a vodka that is made with potatoes! Chopin Potato Vodka is 100%!!!! potato, and since my body can handle potatoes pretty well, that means I can drink it, wahooooo! I mean, don't get me wrong, I can't go overboard. Long gone are my days of shots, and I won't be playing "quarters" or "never have I ever" anytime in the future, but I'm ok with that. Those days were for my early twenties! It's just nice to know that when everyone gets together and there are drinks involved, I have something I can sip on (rather than drinking water and answering questions about why I can't drink, and what my diet involves). I'm pretty excited about it.

So... the next time you have a party, and you are thinking "What about Jen?" or "What about (insert name of your fructmal friend/family member)?" just grab a bottle of Chopin Vodka and you will be my/our hero. Everyone loves a hero!

BONUS POINTS for inviting me to a bar/restaurant that serves Chopin! (One of my next tasks is to call around town and find the places that have it, so I can have a go-to restaurant to suggest for outings.)

Speaking of restaurants and outings- San Antonians, and visitors- if any of you ever visit County Line on the Riverwalk, do NOT believe the server that tells you Tito's is made with potatoes. I looked it up, and it is made with 100% CORN.

Monopolowa IS made with potatoes, but I haven't been able to verify that it is made with ONLY potatoes. This one hurts my stomach a bit, but it might be ok for some less sensitive fructmals.

As far as mixers... I like to go with olive juice and have a nice dirty martini. Olives are safe! Be careful what kind you get, though, and make sure that the ingredients don't include garlic or onion. I get Mario Pimiento Stuffed Spanish Olives. They have guar gum, which doesn't sit well with some people, but these olives seem to be fine for me. If you are making dirty martinis, and you don't want to end up with a jar of olives and no juice, you can get martini mixers at most liquor stores, and sometimes in the beer/wine/mixer section of your grocery store. Most of them are pretty disgusting to me, as I don't care for vermouth. I searched for a long time for something bearable, before I so HAPPILY stumbled upon a bottle of PURE OLIVE JUICE at Spec's! Yum!!!

I'm always on the lookout for alternatives and variety, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

*My personal nutritionist puts small amounts of alcohol on my "ok" list. Please consult with a doctor or dietician about what you put in your body. I'm no doctor!


  1. Looking forward to your list of restaurants!
    When you find a few that serve Chopin Potato Vodka, we should do a dirty martini tour :D

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